Hello, I’m John Dunwell, ‘Mr Merchandise’, the owner of this marketing business specialising in Branded Merchandise.

I often talk with clients who spend too much on marketing activity that doesn’t seem to bring the return they want. They struggle to generate leads or engage with prospective customers, or, at the other end, have a problem with customer retention and churn.

What I do is explore with them whether and how branded merchandise could possibly complement and add value to their marketing effort.

I don’t know whether you can identify with any of this? If so, and would like a conversation, contact me.


Video transcript [view below]:

Hello, I’m John Dunwell, the guy behind this business.


Would you like more customers and sales?

More time to do the things you want to do?

And the easier route to achieve these?

A challenge all businesses face is getting noticed and remembered in their market place.

Perhaps you can identify with this?

Well, help is at hand.

Using proven marketing strategies I can help you get noticed and remembered and put your business in the front of your prospects mind when they make that all important buying decision.

And it’s even easy, when you use my done for you service.

Using copywriting expertise together with creative use of promotional gifts, we can carefully prepare a bespoke campaign targeting your ideal clients – a campaign that will have real impact.

The result – more customers and more business for you.

So, for marketing done well contact me, John Dunwell

It’s where the wiser monkeys go!


Tel/Text: 07977 424886