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The Magic of Magnetic in Marketing

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Magnetic products can be a really smart promotional product choice!  Why? Consider the humble Fridge Magnet and think about this: the fridge is one of the most visited places in the home or office.
–  It’s said the average person goes to the fridge 10-12 times per day
–  That’s around 4,000 visits per year
–  The average UK household size is 2.3 people, making over 10,000 visits per year
–  The average household keep a fridge magnet on their fridge door for 6 – 8 years
Offering thousands of views and a unit cost from only 10p each, fridge magnets have to give the lowest cost per brand impression in the advertising industry. It’s like putting a billboard in your customer’s home!

Speaking of billboards, many business vehicle operators will tell you that a liveried vehicle is like a mobile billboard, advertising the brand wherever the vehicle goes. Yet many smaller businesses utilise vehicles for dual use, as private motors as well as for business use, making permanent vehicle graphics an unpopular choice. Vehicle Magnets, on the other hand, allow an advertising message to be displayed during ‘works time’, which can then be removed without damage to the bodywork when you want to go incognito. With a pair of vehicle magnets costing a similar sum to a small advert in a local free magazine, there’s no comparison when you consider the number of brand impressions achievable over the lifetime of the vehicle magnets, viewed by the community in the locality of the motor’s use.

Magnetic promotional products don’t stop there. If your target market are readers of books and magazines, how about a magnetic bookmark? If your customers are garage or workshop proprietors, a magnetic telescopic pick up tool would sure to be appreciated. Motorists – a magnetic permit holder for parking permits, maybe. Tenants or home owners would find a magnetic combi key, for radiators and meter boxes very handy. You can check out these products and more HERE.

Owing to the bespoke nature of promotional products, including magnetic items, it’s best to discuss your requirements and get a quotation. If you’d like to do this, please get in contact: ENQUIRE HERE

Magnetic Business Cards can be used as regular business cards but with the clever bonus of doubling as fridge magnets. They can also be attached to a range of other metal surfaces, such as filing cabinets, boiler casings, and so on. Printed one side in full colour, standard 85 mm x 55 mm magnetic business cards cost as follows:
100 @ £83.25 + vat (£99.90 inc vat)
250 @ £100.00 + vat (£120.00 inc vat)
500 @ £128.50 + vat (£154.20 inc vat)
1,000 @ £187.50 + vat (£225.00 inc vat)
Magnetic Vehicle Signs are a great mobile billboard to advertise your business when permanent graphics are not a good choice. Promote your products or services as you drive around. Different sizes available but for A3 sized signs measuring 420 mm x 297 mm on 0.85 mm vehicle grade magnet printed full colour, costs as follows:
2 @ £69.00 + vat (£82.80 inc vat)
4 @ £79.00 + vat (£94.80 inc vat)
6 @ £89.00 + vat (£106.80 inc vat)

Prices include design (if needed), all set-up, printing and delivery costs.
Other quantities, sizes and bespoke shapes are available (price may vary). To enquire or order, please CONTACT US.
Turnaround time typically 7 – 10 working days.